Reliability and Commitment – Beyond Expectations

GILYOS (composed of the words GIeseler LYOphilization Solutions) was formed in late 2010 to provide consulting and contract development services in the field of freeze-drying (lyophilization) to the global pharmaceutical and food industry. The service portfolio of GILYOS comprises true in-depth expertise in freeze-drying science and application of this technology to various pharmaceutical products, food products and other materials.

The company is privately owned by the Gieseler family, both Margit Gieseler and Henning Gieseler are actively involved in the day to day business which ensures that GILYOS can make decisions quickly and efficiently. Due to the academic background of GILYOS, the company is more than a regular CRO. GILYOS actively combines leading academic research and scientific excellence with targeted contract development services for its customers. We understand ourselves as part of your project team, providing ideas, guidance and effective solutions.

“GILYOS does not have the intention to become the largest CRO for freeze-drying, but wants to be and stay one of the best. This is achieved not least due to the strong GILYOS expert network and an outstanding level of personal commitment.”

The key area of expertise of GILYOS is freeze-drying process development and optimization which is supported by cutting-edge process analytical technology (PAT) tools for freeze-drying (see “Key Technologies“). With our experience and technical knowledge of different scales in freeze-drying equipment, we can offer a comprehensive development service from early formulation development through scale-up to manufacturing. Importantly, GILYOS applies analytical procedures throughout the development process to fully assess product performance characteristics in the frozen and dried state.

“GILYOS is easy to work with: we are happy to support our customers by providing initial guidance through consulting, by performing selected analytical measurements or by taking over full responsibility for an entire formulation, process development or scale-up project. The goal is to strengthen your in-house expertise and make your project a success.”

Why select GILYOS as a service partner?
There are numerous organizations available in the world which offer pharmaceutical development services, also in the field of freeze-drying science. So, what does ultimately make the little difference when choosing GILYOS as a partner? We feel that we have outlined the most convincing arguments under the section “Five Good Reasons“.

“Reliability, assured by our professional work, commitment to our projects and customers and perfect quality of the services always remain the most important component of our corporate philosophy.”